I will never venture into crime again in my life

Anyone who says or believes that crime pays should have a rethink and listen to what this 35-year old inmate who was  caught trying to escape from his cell in Oyo has to say.

The person we are talking about is no other than Femi Akanji, who is a robbery suspect got stuck in a hole while trying  to escape from his cell in Oyo state. He was caught after burgling a shop on the 12th of November 2014 and since then, he has been in the cell awaiting trial.

Femi was asked why he wanted to escape from the cell, knowing that it was near impossible as his case finally confirmed. Hear him as he poured it out, even without being forced.

I decided to escape from the cell to avoid the trouble I had put myself into, unknown to me that I was complicating matter. After my two cell mates had slept, I started using my hands to dig the wall silently in the dead of the night. I started from a point where I noticed a crack in the cell.When some bricks fell, I further used them in digging and after I had created a hole, I pushed my head into it and tried to escape before dawn. Unfortunately for me, I got stuck, so I shouted. My cry brought the policemen on duty towards the cell and woke my co-inmates up. That was how I was rescued and secured till I was brought to Ibadan.”

Now, I know that crime does not pay. If God should save me from the currentprisoner situation I am in now, I will never venture into crime again in my life. I have realized that whatever is acquired fraudulently or any ill-gotten wealth does not last. I have my time and life. If I had been contented with my little business and had not engaged in crime, I would not have lost my belongings which now serve as part of the exhibits recovered.”

If this is a good story or some kinds of nice experience to have? Judge for yourself!.



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