Hitman casually walks into a restaurant and shoots a man in the head at point blank range.

Hitman casually walks into a fast food restaurant and shoots a man in the head at point blank range.

According to Dailymail the 35 year old victim Jacob Van Der Hart was having a snack at a restaurant when the hitman enters casually approaching the victim, whose back was turned, the killer is seen walking up behind him and pointing the gun at his head and he then carefully pull the trigger.

After a brief flash from the gun, Mr Van Der Hart, topples to one side and falls from his chair onto the floor.

According to police, the calm hitman walked out of the restaurant and climbed onto the back of a waiting motorbike outside to make his escape. Police in the South American country have released the CCTV footage in their hunt for the suspected hitman.

Fortunately, Mr Van Der Hart was not killed in the shooting but is fighting for his life in the Intensive Care Unit of Santo Tomas Hospital, according to local media.

However Police in Panama have confirmed they have not made any arrests.

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1 Comment

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