Egyptian football suspended after deadly clashes in Cairo

40 people killed and many injured  in a deadly  stampede and clashes between police and supporters of Egypt’s Zamalek football club clashes at a game in Cairo.

The Egyptian Interior Ministry said the clashes occurred after supporters of Zamalek, known as Ultras White Knights, tried to attend the game without buying tickets. The Ultras are known to be the most “troublesome fans in Africa” and they had been threatening to cause violence at events.

According to report some of the Zamalek club fans tried to storm the stadium gates by force, which prompted the troops to prevent them from continuing the assault. Police then fires tear gas to disperse fans from trying to force their way into the army owned stadium in the city’s northeast on Sunday.clashes


Police has launched an investigation after fans accused security forces of a “massacre”, but police denied using violence to try and pacify the crowd. Many of the dead appeared to have died of suffocation after a stampede erupted.

The incident had prompted government to postpone the Egyptian Premier League indefinitely.


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