Charred bodies found in southern Mexico

No fewer than 10 charred bodies were found dumped on a road side in the southern Guerreo, Mexico, said the authorities.

Several of the bodies found appeared to have been decapitated. It was gathered from the sources that the victims appear to be cartel members that were killed by another group as the decomposing bodies were covered with a taunting banner related to a group of cartel.

The bodies reportedly to have been those in their 20s, were all with some high caliber of bullet wounds.HNNN

The area were found to be known for gang violence etc.

The area is also not far from the rural teachers’ college known as Ayotzinapa, from which 43 students disappeared in September, and are believed to have been killed by a drug gang, who have confessed to burning their bodies.

Mexican authorities have stopped declaring them dead until the DNA on the charred remains are obtained.


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  1. when someone says the word what readily comes to mind is drug lord, gang and killing. Please you guys should try correct that notion

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