A Babysitter killed her five years old cousin

A babysitter in Upstate New York bashed her five-year-old cousin in the head and strangled him to death before throwing his body over a guardrail into a ditch and covering him with snow on Thursday, police have revealed.

According to Daily Mail Tiffany Vanalstyne, 19, reportedly called the police to make up a story about little Kenneth White being kidnapped by two masked men in an effort to cover her tracks – sending authorities on a desperate search across Albany County, New York to find the boy.

Tiffany Vanalstyne killed Kenneth just minutes after the mother left the home on Thursday afternoon, authorities believe Kenneth was brutally murdered Thursday afternoon as his twin sister Cheyenne and little sister Christine were playing in another room in the trailer where they lived in rural Knox, New York, police said.

maby boyShe then took his body down the road and threw it into a ditch. She covered it with snow to ensure it couldn’t be seen by passing cars.Vanalstyne was charged with second-degree murder today. Her mother Brenda Vanalstyne told a judge that her daughter suffers from bipolar disorder, which she takes medication for.


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