Chilling confession: How a father donated her 13 year old daughter for suicide bombing

Her name is Zaharau Babangida. Her mission, together with two other girls was to bomb a market in Kanu City at the peak of the market day activity.

Other girls did it, killing many people and injuring several others, including Zaharau Babangida. Seeing how other girls were shattered within seconds, and having sustained injury in the process, she decided to ran away and see medical attention for her wounds.

Read the full confession of how her own father donated her to the Boko Haram group, with the hope of making the paradise and heavenly bliss.

“It began one day when my father took my mum and I to a forest in Bauchi where we met people claiming to be working for God… In the Bauchi forest I met some other girls who I guessed were my age mate and their leader told us to give our lives to God and enjoy the bounties of heaven.”

“I was not moved by the soul searching preaching of bounties in the heaven and it was at this point, their leader resorted to threat and intimidation to obtain my consent. We were shown a deep hole where the leader of the group threatened to bury us alive at a point if any of us refused to play along, and at another time he picked a big gun and threatened to shoot anyone who fails to obey his command.”

“It was at this point my father stepped forward to persuade me to play along, and told me to prepare to die as martyr and clear the way for him to join me soon.”

According to Zaharau, the Boko Haram members in the bush had continuously preached to her and other girls about the benefits they are going to derive from the suicide mission, but she refused to accept wholeheartedly until she was threatens to be buried alive.

“I was in the bush when the people some who looks like Arabs and some huge black men told me that did I know what is suicide mission, that is one killing himself? I said no I don’t know, they explained it to me and said that if I did plus reciting Sura Albakara I will straight go to Paradise.

“I declined and told them I will not do it, they now told me that they would dig a hole and bury me alive because that is what they do to all women who refuse to adhere to their demands, and they said they meant what they said, I now complied.”

Terrified and confused, she had no other choice but agree to go on Kano mission, together with two other young girls because refusal will equally mean death.

The 13-year-old narrated what happened on the fateful day of the bloody Kano attack, which killed those 2 girls and 4 residents. According to Zaharau, they had a special guide who took them to the place.

“I and two other girls were conveyed to Kano and quartered at the outskirt of the city by a man I could hardly remember his name, and this same man conveyed all of us to the market square and deployed us at strategic positions at Kwari market on the day we struck.”

She said she had gone out with the other girls without the intention to commit the crime, just following the other girls at a distance. But the other girls soon blew themselves up and left Zaharau injured.

“I was taken aback when my partners were shattered to pieces barely a second after they detonated. I then rushed out of the scene to pick a commercial rickshaw to a hospital in Dawanau area of the city for medical treatment, and doctors were already attending to me when the driver of the Keke NAPEP resurfaced and showed me a metal object and requested to know whether it was mine of which I answered in affirmative.”

“I told him the object he dangled before me is a bomb and its mine, and in no time armed soldiers picked me from my sick bed to their headquarters.”

Meanwhile Kano State Commissioner of Police, Aderele Shinaba, revealed that one of the girls’ guides had been arrested but did not disclose further the where about of Zaharau‘s father.


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