Bomb explosion hits Kano market

A bomb has exploded in a marketplace in Kano city on Wednesday afternoon.

The chairman of the Kantin Kwari market, Alhaji Liti Kulkul, said there had been an explosion but did not have further details.

Kano’s main mosque was targeted by suspected Boko Haram militants at the end of November. They set off three bombs and opened fire on midday worshippers. -Reuters.


One thought on “Bomb explosion hits Kano market

  1. The problem of Nigeria is neither jonathan nor
    Buhari but America who are bent on making sure
    her prediction Over the separation of Nigeria
    comes to pass but this would be the first time
    their prediction will fail in the world!
    My fellow compatriots, let us join hands
    together laying aside our religious and tribalistic
    differences and fight off this menace ravagging
    our dear country.
    God will help us!
    God bless The Federal Republic Of Nigeria!

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