Boko Haram vents their anger on Adamawa town, killed scores of people

After some hectic and fierce battles with the Nigerian troops in Maiduguri on Sunday, during which scores of Boko Haram members were killed, Suspected militants believed to be Boko Haram fighters,  in a reprisal attack,went on rampage in Michika, Nigeria’s northeastern state of Adamawa, killing the residents with mass executions and burning down buildings, according to local security sources and some eyewitnesses.

The attackers who stormed the town were said to have come with heavy and sophisticated weapons, shooting indiscriminately at anyone on site.

Though according to security source, government forces were quickly deployed there to contain the attacks and cordon off the area, but a youth leader in the area said that casualties must have been high because the attackers has had their filled day before the arrival of the security operatives.

Monday’s attack occurred 24 hours after scores of Boko Haram militants were killed in a massive attack launched by the group but repelled by Nigerian troops in Maiduguri and other towns in the neighboring Borno State.

Many of the militants who attacked Maiduguri on Sunday were also captured with wounds, according to a statement by the Nigerian defense headquarters.

Boko Haram had recently taken over some cities in Nigeria’s northeastern region. The militant group has killed thousands of people in its five-year insurgency in Nigeria and they are still not showing any sign of slowing down with the incessant attacks.


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