Boko Haram renamed captured Mubi town “City of Islam”

Not quite long after the federal government of Nigeria gave the Military  ultimatum to flush out Islamic extremists- Boko Haram. News from the commercial city of Adamawa State has confirmed that the insurgents are in control of the city. And have gone ahead to give it the name ‘Madinatul Islam’ meaning City of Islam.

The four local governments of  Mubi, Michika, Madagali, Mubi South and Mubi North are at the mercy of Boko Haram. Commercial activities have been Jeopardized and people are living in constant fear.

A resident of Mubi  who spoke on telephone confirmed the incident saying: “They did not only rename Mubi, they also set up road blocks in strategic places.”

The sigh of relief made by Nigerians when Boko Haram put pen to paper on a cease fire deal with the Federal Government was cut short in less than 24 hours after the deal.

Meanwhile, the Insurgents have urged people to remain in Mubi, saying they will be more protected by them than the Nigerian Army.


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