Boko Haram release's new video in support of terrorist attacks in France

Leader of the Boko Haram Abubakar Shekau yesterday released two videos in which he expressed "gratitude" over the terrorists' attack that befell France last week.

Shekau insisted that the Charlie Hebdo newspaper cartoons that depicted Prophet Muhammad was published "in bad faith and a clear provocation against the Muslims."

He also promised "serious reprisals against France" if its government allows the newspaper to release new cartoons.

Shekau speaking in Arabic did not elaborate on how the reprisal will be accomplished but only pointed out that his group and their brethren all over the world never forgive atrocities against them.

The attack was said to be the deadliest in the last 50 years, with French President Francois Hollande describing it "an act of extreme barbarity and a terrorist attack."

It also elicited global condemnation and a one million man match in France with some world leaders in attendance.

Unlike in previous videos, Shekau this time around dressed in local attire, popularly called 'babbar riga,' a cap and a turban with AK47 rifles hung by his side.

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