Boko Haram now in Ghana

This group are yet without name but operate in the same fashion and manners that other Jihadists worldwide operate. They are based in Akim Ofoase in the Eastern region of Ghana.

Members of this group, is said to possess extreme views on Islam and specialized in torturing Muslim women who defy their orders. What are their order?

That the Muslim women, among other things, must not relate nor transact business with their Christian counterparts. Anyone found doing so is said to have been tortured seriously.

Not bombs and other sophisticated weapons yet, but they are gradually growing towards that direction if not properly handled now by the Ghana security forces.

Five members of the group is said to have been arrested and subsequently granted bail after long hours of interrogation which I don’t think is good enough.

According to the Police sources, the activities of the group had the blessing of Muslim leadership in the community and the boys in this group are put together as part of a strategy to make Islamic Law supreme in the Community.

Police have, however, assured residents of the area to be calm as there is no cause for alarm. “But sometimes, police assurance can not be fully relied on” said anonymous source.

Some prominent Ghanaians are urging the police to up their game as this bordered on National security of the entire country.

According to Security Analyst David Agbee “This is not a matter that must be handled lightly. It bothers on national security and the police must be serious in their approach in curbing their activities from the community,” he stated.


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