Father kills his 16-year-old son in Ebonyi


A 45-year-old man, Nwofu Igbo, in Ebonyi state, has been arrested for allegedly killing his 16-year-old son. The boy who just returned home from Lagos to celebrate the Christmas holiday with his family, meet his untimely death at the hands of his own father.

According to an eye-witness account, Mr. Nwafu Igbo murdered his teenage son due to a quarrel between him and his wife.

“The suspect is said to have banished his wife (the mother of the deceased) after they had quarrel sometimes ago” the eyewitness said.

Meanwhile, the police spokesperson in the state, Chris Anyanwu, confirmed the incident, saying the matter was being investigated by the police.

He said: “The police is prepared to get to the root of the problem that led to the killing of the boy.


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