Baby Girl Born With No Eyes In UK


A baby girl was born without no eyes in South Wales UK,  and her mother Danielle Davis, 24, says she is still gorgeous.

The mother-of-three has refused a termination when a routine scan showed her baby Daisy, had a cyst on the brain.

When Daisy was born Danielle and her partner Andrew Smith, 31, were told she had the rare disorder Anophthalmia, meaning she had no eyes.

The condition is incurable, and so while Daisy can be fitted with glass eyes as she gets older, she will never be able to see.

Ms Davis, of Cwmbran, South Wales, said: ‘It was a shock – we had never heard of it before.

‘But she is our gorgeous baby and we have no regrets about turning a termination.

‘We want to give Daisy as normal a life as possible and give her the same opportunities as other children.’

Anophthalmia is a rare disease in which a baby is born with no eyes.

It develops during pregnancy, and affects around one in 10,000 births in the UK, and there is no cure.

Ms Davis, a care worker, said the condition came as a complete shock.


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