APC will turn things around in Nigeria – Oyegun


The national Chairman of All Progressives Congress, APC, Chief John Oyegun has come out hot at the Goodluck Ebele Jonathan led government, PDP,  accusing it of condoning all sorts corruption in the land.

He said that the evidence of corruption could be seen in all nooks and crannies of the country. According to him, what the country has seen in the last six years of the People Democratic Party, PDP, has been saddled with massive overstepping of  laws and order.

Citing examples of corruptions and the inconsistencies of the government, he said that various reports of investigation of corrupt practices in the Power sector, NNPC, Central Bank, and government ministries and other departments has been filled with different accusations and all whatnot.

“In the last sixteen years, corruption has grown exponentially to the point that the world has come to stigmatize Nigeria and Nigerians as synonymous with corruption. Our national institutions have been compromised and the continued survival of the country is threatened.

“The operation of the national budget and the maintenance of the military forces have been so severely compromised by corruption that national development and security have been massively undermined under the Jonathan administration of the last six years. – He further stated.
The newly appointed APC chairman, contrasted all these with what his party, APC will do for Nigeria. He says, “We declare corruption as evil and the APC will fight it with every resource and vehemence that can be mustered. We will promote personal integrity, government integrity and national integrity. In line with the public statement of one of our national leaders that a “fish rots from the top”, any officer in an APC government accused of corruption shall be thoroughly investigated and severely sanctioned if found guilty.


“Our government shall lead by example and signal, through its explicit conduct, a zero tolerance for corruption. All APC governments at all levels shall mandatorlly operate an open budgetary process with quarterly report of budget performance.” All these he said in Abuja during APC national convention there.


One thought on “APC will turn things around in Nigeria – Oyegun

  1. APC will turn around this country? nobody can turn around this country except by God mercy, the story about our leadership and how democracy is operate in this country is corrupt so I think no body as a whole can turn around this country because the evil God father’s won’t allow the peace of this country.

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