Boats With Decomposed Bodies Found Drifting Off Japanese Coastline

Dozens of boats with decomposing bodies found drifting off the coastline in Japan are currently being investigated. Japanese officials said on Friday.

Speculations from the media has it that the boats are from North Korea. Prior to this, they have been similar cases between the months October and earlier in November this year of about 11 cases involving wooden boats that were badly damaged with 20 bodies in them.

Most of the boats have been towed to Japanese ports but with none of the bodies yet identified. On Tuesday this week, a coastguard personnel spotted a boat at Fukui port some 100 Kilometers offshore in the Japanese sea which contained three sets of human remains inside.

According to TBS, some of the remains were partially skeletonised with clothes bearing Korean writings on them as well as some inscriptions on the vessel itself.

Experts are of the opinions that the boats are from North Korea, probably fishermen trying to expand their industry to bolster their business.

They also added that a number of North Korean fishing vessels have been lost due to lack of modern equipment like GPS.

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