12 years old boy shot by police

Another shooting saga has hit the US, this time in Cleveland. A 12 years old, who was alleged to be playing with  a fake gun was shot down by the police.

According to eyewitnesses, the boy, identified as Tamir Rice, was hanging out with his mates on play ground, when someone called 911 to report a boy holding what seems like a fake gun, scaring people with it.

The 911 caller told the police that the boy was pulling the weapon in and off his pant. And when he was told to put his hand on the air by the dispatch team, he grabbed the weapon sitting on a bench.

The shooting officer said there was no safety orange indicator on the gun, making it difficult to ascertain if the gun is real or not.

The patrol team that responded to the call has been placed on administrative leave while the police department investigates the incident.

While the protest of Ferguson shooting is still on, the Cleveland people have been given a reason to probably march their own streets.



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