10 Dead, 12 Seriously Wounded In Renewed Burundi Protest

Bujumbura - At least ten persons have been killed and twelve wounded in Burundi on Thursday in a fresh outbreak of clashes between demonstrators and police, eyewitnesses said.

A small group of protesters clashed with government supporters, thought to be members of the ruling party's militia, in the Kinama district of the capital Bujumbura.

Police opened fire on the demonstrators, killing ten persons, one was shot on the head and twelve others injured according to eyewitness

Tensions remained high in the area, with protesters arming themselves with sticks and batons.

Over two dozen people have been killed and scores wounded since late April, when the ruling CNDD-FDD nominated President Pierre Nkurunziza to stand for reelection, triggering daily protests.

Opposition parties and civil society groups say Nkurunziza's third-term quest violates both the constitution, which limits a president to two terms in office, and the accords that ended a 13-year civil war between Tutsis and Hutus in 2006.

On Wednesday Nkurunziza insisted he would run for a third term, defying international pressure.

Demonstrators set up a barricade during clashes with riot police in Bujumbura, Burundi, Wednesday. Protesters were again on the streets Wednesday, angry over the Burundian president's third term bid that they say is unconstitutional as a top U.S. diplomat headed to the East African nation.

Under Burundi's constitution, presidents can only be elected to two terms in office, but Mr Nkurunziza's allies say his first term does not count as he was appointed by parliament.

The protests are the most serious since Mr Nkurunziza took power at the end of a 12-year civil war in 2005.

BBC reporter says more than 1,000 people are on the streets of Bujumbura's Musaga neighbourhood in defiance of a government ban on protests.

The latest clashes started when some demonstrators threw stones and the police responded by firing live rounds.

Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza |

Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza |

Protesters destroying a car in the capital, Bujumbura |

Protesters destroying a car in the capital, Bujumbura |

Police trying to stop the protest currently ongoing in Burundi |

Police trying to stop the protest currently ongoing in Burundi |

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