Freddie Mercury and his Cats

The Queen frontman wrote a song for one cat, dedicated an album to a few others, and placed long-distance calls to his animals while on tour. As a new film, Bohemian Rhapsody, tells Freddie Mercury’s story, we celebrate the true loves of his life: Tiffany, Romeo, Delilah and the rest of his litter


Freddie the Feline Friend

If you’re a big Freddie Mercury fan, you probably already know how much the Queen singer adored his four-legged pets. And if you’re just beginning to learn about the legend’s personal life, this is just another reason to love him. The upcoming biopic Bohemian Rhapsody captures Mercury’s doting cat dad moments, showing how at one point he even ended up living in a mansion filled with as many as 10 cats at a time. The film does give fans a good idea of how much cats meant to him, but it turns out that Freddie Mercury’s cats played an even larger role in his real life.

Freddie loved his music but he loved his cats more!

Mercury’s girlfriend and great love Mary Austin reportedly first introduced the Queen frontman to felines in the 70s, by purchasing a pair of cats—Tom and Jerry—for the couple’s home.


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