Celebrity Hobbies That May Surprise You

We often get to hear about our favourite celebs’ pastimes and celebrity hobbies when they’re interviewed by a magazine or on a chat show. And today, with everyone posting their likes and dislikes on their Instagram or Twitter accounts, we get a much more personal insight into how big names spend their free time than we used to.

However, it’s not just swanky holidays on big yachts or following weird diets that our favourite stars get up to in their free time. Some have incredibly varied hobbies. It just goes to show that lots of celebs are just like the rest of us – with different passions and interests that ‘float their boat’.

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Here are a few hobbies that big names enjoy that you may or may not have known about:


Buzzing Bez

Happy Mondays’ dancer Bez was once upon a time most well-known for his wild partying but nowadays, he’s got a hobby that requires a very calm disposition. He is a beekeeper and has his own bees and hives that he takes care of, as well as promoting urban beekeeping in Manchester. It’s not always been an easy hobby for him, though, he was once stung more than 100 times.

Tyson The Bird Fancier

Hard man Mike Tyson was no featherweight in the boxing ring, but he has a softer side which is evident in his hobby, which he’s been passionate about since he was eight years old. He races pigeons in his spare time and has likened the birds’ experience to his own in the ring, saying they have to be prepared for the unknown that might happen on the flight ahead of them each day.

P0ker Face Tilly

While there are lots of actors and actresses who enjoy the odd bit of p0ker or blackjack when they’re visiting casin0 cities like Vegas and Atlantic City, few take it as seriously as actress Jennifer Tilly, who is actually now almost better known for her p0ker skills than her acting.

In 2005, the Fabulous Baker Boys’ actress won the WSOP Ladies’ Bracelet. She has also won a Ladies No-Limit Texas Hold’em event, taking home a pot of $158,625 after she’d beaten 600 other players. Of course, there are probably lots of other celebs who indulge in a bit of gaming every now and then, but if they’re like the rest of us, playing online at sites, we’d never know about whether they enjoy the thrill of the game or not.

Captain Travolta

In one of John Travolta’s first major film roles, he demonstrated his love for speed when his character Danny won a drag race. However, fast cars aren’t fast enough for the actor. He flies for a hobby and qualified to fly a jumbo jet in 2002. He owns five planes, one of which is named after his children. Travolta doesn’t just pack up the car for a regular family holiday – he fills the cargo hold of one of his fleet of planes instead!

Spinning Susan

Susan Sarandon is crazy about the game of ping pong. So much so, in fact, that she set up a ping pong social club called Spin in New York. Spin has spread to Toronto, San Francisco, LA and Chicago and now there are franchise opportunities to take Spin even further.

Being good citizens, Sarandon and Spin also do their bit in helping underprivileged youth in urban centres – supporting charities, donating table tennis tables, making financial donations and offering mentoring to provide kids with an escape through ping pong from the gritty day-to-day reality.

Until they decide to share the information, it just goes to show that you never know what hobby people are interested in, and that goes as much for celebrities as for everyday folk!


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