What’s the Biggest Stereotype About Your State?

America is a large, vibrant country with a range of personalities, landscapes, and weather. Interestingly, each state has its own quirks and specialties. Some of them are obvious while others might come as a complete surprise to you. Did you know that South Dakota is the most neurotic? Or that Nevada is the most extroverted? Read on to uncover the most traditional state stereotypes for each of the 50 US states. It’s a quick, fun read…so enjoy.



What seems to unite everyone in the Sunshine State? Very simply, it’s their ability to fight off big, bad gators or run away very quickly. Even the retirees who land here to soak up the sun and fun aren’t frightened. Gator-fighting lessons come with the complimentary orange juice at the welcome center, right?

Florida: it’s all about the weather.

Whether it’s Miami or Boca Raton or Orlando, this state is a sun lover’s paradise. Therefore it makes it the perfect place in which sunscreen was invented. Benjamin Green, a Miami pharmacist invented Coppertone suntan cream in the 1940s, the first commercialized suntan lotion in the US. He made it by cooking a greasy substance called red veterinary petrolatum, cocoa butter, coconut oil and other ingredients on his stove. He tested the cream on himself and since then we’ve been benefitting from his skin-saving invention.





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