What’s the Biggest Stereotype About Your State?

The United States of America is a huge country; a bright patchwork of different atmospheres, landscapes, and various ways of life. Nonetheless, each state has its quirks and unique elements. Some embrace them while others are totally unaware. Read on to uncover the most traditional state stereotypes for each of the 50 nifty states.



Arkansans really love their Chewin’ Tobaccy
While the stereotype of people from Arkansaw is definitely a Hillbilly, who is usually if not always pictured with a Corncob Pipe stuck in his mouth, in actuality, it’s more likely to be a twist of chewing tobacco.


Arkansas has one of the nation’s greatest rates of smokeless tobacco use. So, when visiting Arkansas for the first time, always be absolutely sure that dark brown liquid in the coke bottle’s actually soda…


Uniforms can be a real drag, especially in the boiling sun when you’re living in your grass hut on the beach. That’ s why in Hawaii everyone wears Hula Skirts, Coconut Bras and flower wreaths around their necks… right?

In spite of the fact that many spend their free time at the beach, Hawaiians live in Houses, with real walls, and even A.C. the historic Hawaiin Hale houses are potent around various cultural sites on Islands but are very much part of history.


What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, it’s part of the whole appeal to sin city! In fact, most Nevadans don’t know what video games or gambling even is.

Moreover for those high-school dropouts becoming a show-girl or a black-jack dealer will most likely have you shunned from your communities and is definitely not an option!


Pure, unfiltered Southern pride courses through every Alabamans’ veins. This is perhaps especially true when Crimson Tide seasons rolls around, where people get obsessive over supporting the University of Alabama football team.

From the looks of it, nobody gets off light for Roll Tide treason. You out yourself as a non-believer, and you pay the ultimate price. No, a wad of cash and several cases on beer won’t do it. You’d better hit the highway, branded a traitor, and show your fellow statesmen what you’ve done!


As California is home to Hollywood, Celebrities, and all things glamorous we all presume that California is one large glamorous catwalk whereby acclaimed actors and musicians strut.
It is assumed that everyone passes Beyonce on the street and goes to premiers every weekend, but this is only the select few. The majority of Californians live in suburban areas where Hollywood is all but a distant dream.


As far as anyone is concerned, Alaska is just a freaking cold place to be. Anyone who lives there is perpetually wearing winter coats or just is crazy about the cold.
So how do all these snow people manage, we clueless outsiders wonder? Maybe, outsiders muse, Alaskans hunker down in a heatless igloo and watch the Northern lights glow outside the window? Also, be sure you’re plenty strong enough to wrestle those wolves and bears for your dinner.


Coloradoans Are All High… On Life
Although Marijuana has been legalized in the state of Colorado most people from the state are in fact just high on life rather than the green substance!

With countless opportunities to stay active, drink good drinks, and eat good food, Colorado is the perfect place to spend your days laughing. In fact, Colorado regularly ranks in the top 10 states in the nation when it comes to overall happiness. Of course, when picturesque postcard views are never far away, it’s hard not to smile.


Ahh, Connecticut, full of blue skies, rich white squash players and luxurious mansions and let us not forget Yael University and let us not forget, the Birth Place of George .W. Bush.
Connecticut is the fourth wealthiest state in the United States with the average household income being $62,276 so basically, you have to be really well off to be able to afford to live in Connecticut. While it’s not true that everyone is rolling in dough in this state, the stereotype of the Connecticut cookie-cutter family living in their mansions in the suburbs holding a glass of rosé while floating around on giant pool floats is definitely an actuality.


De-la-Where? What happens when you mention the state of Delaware outside Delaware? Suddenly, the snooze-zones in the Midwest can say smugly, “What is there for those poor people to do?”

Either that or they looked puzzled before responding in their innocence: “Delaware? What’s a Delaware? Sounds like a clothing store in a rundown strip mall trying desperately to sound high-end and exclusive.”


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