Ten Most Beautiful And Most Attractive Places To Visit In South Africa

South Africa is a nation blessed with so many natural resources, vast cultures, languages, traditions, wild life conversations and exotic places to visit. The country is situated at the southern region of Africa which shares the same boundaries with Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe and it has 3000km coastline that stretches along the South Atlantic and Indian oceans.

South Africa receives 15 million tourists visitors yearly from different countries and their tourist attractions contribute to 5% of the nation GDP, south Africa is definitely a country you will want to visit if you consider visiting any part of Africa.

We at Constative.com brings to you the lists of ten most beautiful and  most attractive places to visit in South Africa.


10. Lion Park, Johannesburg

Lion Park  is a wildlife conservation based in Johannesburg and Pretoria near Lanseria Airport in South Africa. The park is 2 km² (500 acre) of land that contains varieties of wild life animals such as Lion, Zebra, Hyena, Antelope, Giraffe, Spring buck etc…

10. Lion Park, Johannesburg
The highway leading to the Lion Park, Johannesburg, South Africa

Lion Park is place of fun and learning about wild animals behaviors, the park has a lot of exciting activities for all ages such as children’s superstore, jumping castles, jungle gyms and a clay-oven pizza hut that produces mouth-watering pizzas.
The Lion park is indeed a beautiful place to visit in South Africa especially for animal lovers.

9. Nelson Mandela Square In Sandton, Johannesburg

Nelson Mandela Square which is located in Sandton, Johannesburg in South Africa is a top notch upmarket shops and restaurants. The square was known as Sandton Square, until 10th birthday of South Africa democracy celebration and the unveiling of the Nelson Mandela statue on 31 March 2004 and the square was renamed to Nelson Mandela Square.

The beautiful Nelson Mandela Square
Inside the Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton , Johannesburg

The Square which the iconic statue of Nelson Mandela is a focal point at the outdoor. Nelson Mandela Square has so many superlatives hotels, corporate head offices and the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, beautiful sidewalk cafes and over 10,000 businesses operating in the square.

8. Garden Route In South-Eastern Coast Of South Africa

Garden Route is one of the most beautiful locations in the world, the scenery is a spectacular experience to behold, its distance is between South eastern coast of South Africa and extends from Mossel Bay in the Western Cape to the Storms in the Eastern Cape.  It is has the mildest climate in South Africa and second in the world according to Guinness Book of Records.

Garden Route Wilderness
Garden Route Wilderness

Garden Route offers diverse activities like Bird watching, Trails and hiking, Canoeing or sliding through the tree canopy, the Garden Route is also one of few best places in the world to see whales and dolphins from land. If you ever decide to visit South Africa book a date with Garden Route because of it’s awesome scenic environment and good road.

7. Durban Golden Mile

Durban Golden Mile Beachfront is the most attractive tourist center in Durban. The beach front is a place you can relax in the sun, jog, swim or you can decide to take a leisurely walk along the the beach way.

Durban Golden Mile Beachfront
Durban Golden Mile Beachfront

The Durban Beach is also known for surfer’s haven and is the safest swimming beaches in South Africa. The beach is a place you will love to visit whenever you are in Durban.

6. Big Hole, Kimberly, South Africa

The Big Hole is an ancient diamond mine in the city of Kimberley, South Africa. The Hole was the largest hand-dug excavation on earth and the mining operation has since been closed since 1914.

The Big Hole, Kimberly, South Africa
The Big Hole, Kimberly, South Africa

The Big Hole has a surface of 17 hectares (42 acres) and is 463 metres (1,519 ft) wide and has yielded 2,720 kilograms (6,000 lb) of diamonds. It also has a small museum center.

5. Blude River  Canyon Reserve, Mpumalanga

Blyde River Canyon is the third largest canyon in the world which is about 25 kilometres (16 mi) in length and is, on average, around 750 metres (2,461 ft) deep, Blyde means “glad or happy” in Dutch and was named in 1844.

Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve, Mpumalanga
Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve, Mpumalanga

Blyde River Canyon Reserve is located in Mpumalanga, South Africa and it offers various activities such as fishing, biking, hiking, white water rafting boat trips and so many more.

4. St Lucia Estuary

St Lucia Estuary is a town surrounded by water on the left is the estuary and on the east side is the Indian Ocean. St Lucia Estuary is place where nature lover’s visits every year to see the Hippos, Nile crocodiles, Leopards and lots of different birds.

St Lucia Estuary
Tourists at the 4. St Lucia Estuary, the biggest coastal lagoon in Africa

St Lucia Estuary was recently declared World Heritage Site and  it is  the largest coastal  lagoon in Africa.

3. Boulders Beach, Cape Peninsula

Boulders Beach is a popular swimming Beach in Cape Peninsula, near Cape Town in the Western Cape province of south Africa. The beach which is in the midst of residential area and a site where Africa Penguins can be view at a close range with a small  sheltered bays and granite boulders that are 540 million years old.

Boulders Beach
Boulders Beach In Cape Peninsula, South Africa

Every year thousands of tourists visit the Boulders Beach to take photos and watch the Africa Penguins as they go about their daily businesses. The beach also has a beautiful lodge and restaurants for it guests.

2. Cango caves

Cango Caves is a large and majestic natural formations of bizarre rocks over the years in the Western Cape Province of South Africa. The caves is an underground wonder world and can only be visited brave by men or women because it’s a scary site to behold.

The cango-caves
The cango-caves

The caves were discovered in 1780 by a local farmer named Jacobus Van Zyl.  Cango Caves is 25km from the entrance and 275 m underground it’s route apparently followed an underground river.

1. The palace of the lost city Hotel, Johannesburg

The Palace Of The Lost City Hotel is our no 1 spot on the list because of it’s luxury personified! from the exterior to interior, no wonder the is hotel ranked as one of leading hotels in the world. Each room in the hotel is fitted with luxurious, handcrafted furniture, befitting royalty.

The Palace Of The Lost City Hotel, Johannesburg
The Palace Of The Lost City Hotel, Johannesburg

Conceived by the myth of a lost African kingdom, the Palace as it is affectionately known for its striking elephant guard of honour who line the drive up to the hotel reception. The Palace of the lost city hotel was opened in 1992. The Palace Of The Lost City Hotel treat you like royalty from happy arrival to reluctant departure.


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