Surprisingly Modest Celebrity Homes

Warren Buffet’s low-key home


Warren Buffet’s net worth is an astounding $84.4 billion, which makes his home purchase in Ohamha Nebraska almost laughable in comparison. Buffet purchased the home in his hometown nearly 60 years ago for $31,500. To put in into perspective, that’s .001 percent of Buffet’s income.

Buffet is taking frugality to the next level


The billionaire is notoriously frugal with his spending and always appears modestly dressed and drives a Cadillac that he purchased for around $50,000. Buffett does not carry a cell phone, does not spend money on electronics, and has no computer on his desk. In response to questioning why he does not trade in his humble beginnings for a more glamorous house, Buffet responded, “I’m happy there. I’d move if I thought I’d be happier someplace else.”

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