Surprisingly Modest Celebrity Homes

Shia learned to be frugal at an early age


Shia LeBeouf may have gotten his start in Disney channel shows, but today the actor, filmmaker, and performance artist has a net worth of $25 million. LeBeouf has recalled in the press living on welfare and food stamps and has spoken openly about growing up with parents who struggled financially. LeBeouf spent the past few years struggling with alcoholism, but things are looking up with the Transformers star beginning his comeback this year. We hope his frugality helps the movie star to remain grounded and centered.

LaBeouf’s LA Digs

Daily Mail

Shia LaBeouf’ resides in the Los Angeles area in a 2,463 square feet and contains three bedrooms and four bathrooms. The home boasts a sense of serenity, with floor-to-ceiling windows and spacious land. Instead of a glitzy and ostentatious home that many of his peers have rushed to purchase, LeBeouf bought this modest house for $1.8 million. 

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