Senator Gbenga Ashafa supports Jonathan impeachment

The move against Mr. president continues as the Senator representing Lagos Easth Senatorial District, Gbenga Ashafa has added his voice in the impeachment of the Nigeria president, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

While speaking at a two day pre-election retreat at the closing ceremony in Jibowu area of Lagos state, Ashafa stated his support for the president’s impeachment.

You would recall that some senators and members of the house of representatives had been making some frantic efforts to impeach Mr. president.

To them, the move to impeach Jonathan is for the good of the country adding that they have overt 50 impeachable offenses against the president.

Wednesday has been set to commence the impeachment process by the law makers.

typAshafa came up with the following statements to back up his reasons: “As a senator, I represent one of the vibrant and patriotic people who know that Nigeria will remain one. I am one of those who believe it will be better. If members of the House of Representatives believe that their action in that process will make Nigeria better, so be it.”

He also made it clear that his stand has nothing to do with party affiliation. He said that was to help his party put things in order and properly prepare for the upcoming general elections come 2015.

“We want to be able to interact with one another and serve as example to other political gladiators so that All Progressives Congress will be able to sweep resounding votes all over Nigeria. We have done well and we have to do more.”


One thought on “Senator Gbenga Ashafa supports Jonathan impeachment

  1. he will support it because his a member of bad blood groups parading themselves as Senator.

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