These Most Beautiful African Women Will Melt Your Heart

Beauty is made for Africa and African women are among the most beautiful in world. Here you see the true essence of black and beautiful. Most times, the people being paraded on many websites and magazines as the most beautiful African women are nowhere near the most beautiful in this continent, they just happened to be famous and in the media.

Here we bring to you top 10 most beautiful but unknown African women directly from the continent and undiluted. Enjoy and share your comment.


10. Beautiful Nigerian Girl

Beautiful African Women
This young, $exy, and innocent African girl is a beauty to behold | Constative

This beautiful African girl from Nigeria is everything you’d think of. A true definition of the beautiful African women. The fire of beauty and $exiness that radiates through her eyes is enough to light up your heart. She is number 10 on this list of top ten most beautiful African women.

09. $exy Nigerian Girl

Beautiful African Women
Combining modern look with natural African beauty | ThatIgboChick

Take away the glamour, you’ll see the true beauty of African women in this girl, so natural and undiluted. This Nigerian girl is so beautiful that she could make you wanna reconsider. She is number nine on this list of beautiful African women and truly deserving.

08. Ghanaian/Nigerian Beauty

beautiful African Women
She is considered the most beautiful actress in Nollywood |

She is famous but that doesn’t take away her place in the making of beautiful women of Africa. This girl is one of the most beautiful African women we know. Sorry the photo may not be as clear as it should be but you I and knows who she is. She is the number eight on this list.

07. Sierra Leone Beautiful Girl

Sierra Leoone beauty
Beautifully made in Africa | Tumb1r

I tried several times not to include her in this list but she kept coming back. This beautiful African model is probaly one of the most confident and most beautiful African women there is.

06. Ethiopian Beauty

Ethiopian Girl
One among the beautiful women in Ethiopia

She can kill if you give her gun. Ethiopia has some of the most beautiful women in Africa, in case you are looking for African beauty, you better find your way to Ethiopia right now. There you have them in millions.

05. Beautiful African Woman From Cameroon

Beautiful African Women
Young $exy and beautiful Cameroonian | Constative

Complete African beauty, a symbol of true African woman, this girl is one of the most beautiful African woman you can find.

04. South African Girl

South African Girl Mbatha
She is Famous in South Africa and a beauty to behold | Constative

South Africa is the home to some of the most beautiful African women, it’s not surprising that one of her girls made the top five on this list. The girl on the picture is truly deserving to be here, her smile radiates true love and affection.

03. Senegalese Girl

Beautiful African women
This girl from Senegal has the eyes of a queen

She may look dirty and unkept but look deep through her and you will see the true essence of African beauty. This Senegalese girl is very beautiful, and if little care is given will make every head turn.

02. Nigeria Beauty Queen

Beautiful Igbo girl
A beauty from Igboland, they have it like no other |

Yes she is black and she is beautiful. This Anambra state born ex- beauty queen shone like a million stars when she went for Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria pageant. She is one of the most beautiful African women alive.

01. Nigerian Girl

Beautiful Africa Woman
The most beautiful African woman on earth |

This girl is the most beautiful African woman alive! Check everything about her (with absolutely no single makeup) and you’d have no choice but to give it to her –  she is no doubt a beauty to behold, a complete natural beauty.

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  1. what is the createria used in qualifying these ladies as been beautiful huh??? my girl friend is more beautiful than those chick okay

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