7 Relationship Hacks: How To Get Along With Anyone, Anytime, Anyplace


Hacks You Can Use

From jobs to romance, life is all about getting along with others and forming productive relationships. However, many people are at a loss for how to form bonds, especially if talking to others is not your strong suit. Additionally, some people are simply difficult, but you need to get along for the sake of a business. Here are some relationship hacks to implement in your day-to-day life.

1. Focus on the Little Things

be happy to see someone

There are numerous small things you do during every interaction that impacts how others see you. The tone of your voice and the way you smile are big components. When you first meet someone, remain cognizant of these little things – because they make a big impression.

2. Offer Sincere Appreciation

Great Job

When a coworker or acquaintance does something well, you should not hesitate to mention it. A well-placed “great job” can go a long way. Avoid going overboard to the point where you come across as phony.  Keep it real by being genuinely complimentary.

3. Build Them Up

build them up
Never make anyone feel small. Everyone strives to be important and to make a difference in the world. When you deflate people’s egos, they will automatically dislike you. Build other people up, even if it’s a small thing, they will appreciate it and return the favor.

4. Provide Feedback Privately

private feedback
No one is perfect, but it is still hard for many people to hear criticism. When someone makes a mistake, be cautious of how you correct them. If a coworker messed up on a report, then bring it to his or her attention – privately. Demonstrate the correct way to do the work, and explain why doing it in this manner is best. People will be more likely to take your advice to heart when it is done out of a real concern for them. They will appreciate that you didn’t criticize them in front of other team members.

5. Develop a Genuine Interest

take an interest
You are never going to find someone who is precisely like you. However, you can learn to appreciate the differences in others. Everyone has interesting stories to tell, so even if their hobbies or career are different from yours, ask about them. You may find that something you never knew about previously is utterly fascinating.

6. Give More Than You Get

help them out
This is not necessarily related to tangible gifts. You can offer people career advice or introduce co-workers to people who can help their careers. People will remember what you did for them. Before you know it, they will offer their assistance as well, and it will become a win-win relationship.

7. Develop a Long-Term Mindset

relationships come and go
Even when you are just beginning to improve your interpersonal skills, you need to focus on your own well-being and mindset. Never change who you are to impress others. You also need to accept the fact that relationships ebb and flow. You may spend time with one person every day and then not hear anything for months on end. This is normal. It is a part of life. Focus on your own happiness, and you will find it much easier to foster long-term relationships.

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