Publish your findings, APC tells DSS

Aftermath of the raid on APC’s data office, which has sparked controversy between All Progresive Congress and the Department of State Security Service (DSS).  The party has challenged the security operatives to publish what they recovered from the raid.

APC’s data center was raided by DSS, on 22 of November, resulting in detention of its 5 workers. The Nigerian public have been in anticipation as to the reason why the raid  was carried out.

The DSS has alleged that the data center was far more than what people think it is. The have been speculation APC is using the data center to clone Personal Voters Card (PVC), an allegation the party did not hesitate to refute, saying the raid was masterminded by the ruling PDP.

The APC, through its spokesman, Lai Mohammed, challenged the DSS to tell Nigerians what they recovered from the data house, since it’s been 10 days, unless they are buying more time so as to plant false evidence.

Meanwhile, the DSS, has responded to the claim with this statement:

“After concluding its investigation, given the scale and magnitude of what has been discovered that would shock Nigerians, we will accordingly inform Nigerians and the world of our findings and the law will take its course.”


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