Patience Jonathan trying to pocket the money of Rivers people. PDP replys Gov Amaechi

It would be recalled that card holder of the All Progressives Congress (APC) revealed yesterday, November 6, that he was aware of the fraudulent act and always confronted it while being the PDP member.

Reacting to the statement, the Rivers state PDP said if Amaechi was not given to rigging, he should not have accepted the result of the election which he suspected was manipulated. The party also vowed to checkmate Amaechi during general elections in the state, P.M. News reports.

According to the statement, the governor is currently in panic because he has never naturally won any election on personal merit.

“He is either riding on the back of a political master or through intense lobbying which he has discovered is no longer tenable, the PDP remarks.”

Blasting Amaechi, the PDP urged him to follow ‘one man, one vote’ in the forthcoming elections and see how many Rivers residents really want him to continue with his devastating management.

They party also expressed confidence that truth would prevail in 2015, leaving Amaechi with nothing.

“If Amaechi is ever dreaming of a repeat performance in the fraudulent act of cutting corners during elections as he has confessed, he should as well throw in the towel before the contest proper because rigging is an impossibility this time around. Stopping him in 2015 is a task that must be accomplished legitimately.”

It would be recalled that Rivers State governor has been recently involved in another scandal linked with the presidency. He accused President Goodluck Jonathan of advancing corruption and First Lady Patience Jonathan of trying to pocket the money of Rivers people.

The President described Amaechi’s statement as baseless lamenting over the “irresponsible” behaviour the politician had adopted to reach his “selfish” interests.

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