Nigerians speaks against President Goodluck Jonathan

While some are in support of President Jonathan’s Government believing it has done well, many are seriously against it, and of the opinion that it has done worse to Nigeria than any other Government in the history of the country. Below are some of the opinions of informed Nigerians, speaking against President Goodluck Jonathan.

President Jonathan colossal failure to uplift Nigerians is very painful because we invested so much on hope of a better Nigeria with this man who was born, breed, schooled in the crudest cast of borderline living called poverty. He was so poor he had no shoes. No bags to carry his battered books.

In him, the common man saw a reflection of himself in the corridors of power. An apparition that would translate into a hero, the peoples liberator, the man that will give the voiceless voice, the blind sight of contentment, the weak strength, the poor the ability to dare out of his confined station in office. We hoped and believed, we wished ourselves goodluck and there was that deep seated but quiet euphoria that a new order, a new Nigeria is about to emerge out of the failures and disappointments of eras prior to his time.

So we invested our time, hope, wild expectation on what are to come. We started waiting, waited and waited but alas Jonathan got in, saw the pie, smiled to himself, promptly and securely shut the door on our faces, telling us arrogantly ‘I don’t give a damn’ about you insufferable slobs.

I implore Nigerians to remember that statement when they are about to cast their votes. For it is written, we too shall tell Azikiwe Ebere. G. Jonathan, we don’t give a damn. —

I can give you one – the state of security in the country. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that my country will get to the state where i get on the news everyday and hear of a bombing or mass killing occuring there, or I will hear international news and my country will be mentioned in the same breath as Afghanistan and Iraq. But GEJ has managed to acheive the imaginable.

The worst thing about this particular issue is that I don’t see any hope of the situation improving under his leadership. The trajectory at which we are going is absolutely alarming and would definitely lead to ultimate disaster by the end of another 4 years, if given to GEJ. — .

He can never be right because he says whatever he likes. Remember Boko Haram in his cabinet or we know where the Chibok girls are but we dont want to put them in at risk? — Blessing


These are some serious eye opening revelations right here. I know some might say who is OBJ and what credibility does he have to make these statements, well i’ll put it to anybody who tolls that part to point to a single sentence in this book that doesn’t correctly describe the president, the state of the Nigerian nation and Africa’s biggest political party (PDP). It has been made crystal clear for even the blind to see that the present day government is nothing but a sham

If corruption was in the corridors of power before GEJ, it is now in the bedroom, the sitting room and dining room. Well I guess we have the likes of Oduah, Diezani, Metuh, Mark, Iweala and co in that sitting room. This is a wake-up call for Nigerians,even if we do not see much potential in the opposition, its time to just take that leap of faith and try something new, the angel we know is so bad he cannot be better than the devil we do not know. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. — Edosa




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