Most Desirable Celebrity Wedding Dresses In History

See the wedding dresses of the most admired fashion symbols of all time. These women are beautiful, smart, talented and successful. It goes without saying that each one chose a unique wedding gown to transform her special day into a magical one. From lace to satin, from short to long, from white to pink, these dresses are jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Get a glimpse into the fantasy wedding days of these celebrity brides. The fashion icons from yesterday are and the glam girls of today will stun and amaze you with their wedding gown choices.


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

It is fair to say that Meghan is one lucky woman as she got married to two different men in two different dresses in the same year! In real life, she married Prince Harry and on TV she married her on-screen husband Mike Ross from Suits. Her marriage to Prince Harry took place on May 19, 2018, at the fairy-tale location of Windsor Castle. On the morning of her wedding, she received the title of Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex and she wore a custom hand-made classic Givenchy Wedding gown, which reportedly cost $135,000.

Credit: @Harry And Meghan

Fun Fact: Givenchy’s Clare Waight Keller designed Markle’s gown. Waight Keller is the first female art director for Givenchy which is very “fitting” for modern feminist Markle.


45 thoughts on “Most Desirable Celebrity Wedding Dresses In History

  1. Sofia’s dress was well suited for her with good length and well made boddess. Roses dress was fresh and blushing and tasteful. Kelly’s gown is simple and tasteful. Q. Elizabeth, Gabi’s, Sofie H, Pippa, Meghan, Grace, Arielle, Allison W., LeToya, Hilton, and Katie H’s dresses are my favorite of all and they are suited to the wearer and tasteful as well as unique, I enjoyed thinking how they could be proud to look back on their style chosen and not be laughed at, while all the others i saw just seemed uneventful and weird like; Audrey h and Taylors second dress looked like they bought it thrift for a job interview. Audrey H’s first and Kate M’s dress is an old frumpy and cheesy looking style, like the ones i’ve seen in the thrift store windows. Eugenies seemed plane but comfortable looking. Diana’s looked over the top like as if it was heavy, itchy and forced on her to wear. Amels looked like a nightgown with a wasteful lot of material. Aniston’s dress looked like she was auditioning for sex city. Uptons and Kacey’s dress seemed very country bumpkin. Taylor and Kerr’s dress sounded like a tall story (no pic). Felicity’s looked over starched, crisp wrinkled and detached.. Keyshia, Kim west and Grete’s looked very porn star. Jackie O looked like she was trying to put on airs of some fantasy of what royal must look like from some disney movie she must have seen as a child. just because you can spend money on a dress, doesn’t make the dress a winner, nor the bride innocent and fresh blushing, lol.

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