Most Desirable Celebrity Wedding Dresses In History

See the wedding dresses of the most admired fashion symbols of all time. These women are beautiful, smart, talented and successful. It goes without saying that each one chose a unique wedding gown to transform her special day into a magical one. From lace to satin, from short to long, from white to pink, these dresses are jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Get a glimpse into the fantasy wedding days of these celebrity brides. The fashion icons from yesterday are and the glam girls of today will stun and amaze you with their wedding gown choices.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

It is fair to say that Meghan is one lucky woman as she got married to two different men in two different dresses in the same year! In real life, she married Prince Harry and on TV she married her on-screen husband Mike Ross from Suits. Her marriage to Prince Harry took place on May 19, 2018, at the fairy-tale location of Windsor Castle. On the morning of her wedding, she received the title of Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex and she wore a custom hand-made classic Givenchy Wedding gown, which reportedly cost $135,000.

Credit: @Harry And Meghan

Fun Fact: Givenchy’s Clare Waight Keller designed Markle’s gown. Waight Keller is the first female art director for Givenchy which is very “fitting” for modern feminist Markle.

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43 thoughts on “Most Desirable Celebrity Wedding Dresses In History

      1. Agreed, in fact Eugenie’s was the prettiest of the three mentioned above. It was lovelier than Amal’s, Kate’s (too angular and stiff looking, her sister Pippa’s was prettier, save for it being sleeveless, its one big flaw) and Meghan’s (I like simple lines too, but this was a little too plain). Eugenie’s dress for the evening reception was a knock-out as well.

      1. Oh, please. None of the royals are beautiful “inside and out”. How has Kate used her position and money to better the world? She hasn’t. Instead, she goes on million pound shopping sprees. The day a royal forgoes the millions of pounds spent on their wedding, and donates it to the people in this world who don’t have enough to eat, is the day I’ll say that they’re beautiful inside and out. These people are selfish, and couldn’t care less about the common man, woman, and child. Anyone willing to spend that much money on a dress is vain, and selfish.

        That being said, at least Diana tried to use her position for good. It’s a shame, but Will and Harry seem to have chosen wives more like Camilla than Diana. I say we get rid of the monarchy. If the Royals aren’t going to do anything but waste money, wear expensive clothing, shop, and cut ribbons, why should we semi-worship them, award them, and revere them the way we do? They’re just selfish, vain, wealthy people, like the rest of the elite.

        If we have to semi-worship, and donate all this money, to an individual, I’d much rather it be someone who has selflessly dedicated their lives to helping others. The problem with this world is that we reward selfishness, greed, and superficiality.

        Anyway, that’s my rant done. 🙂

  1. Dress is nice and elegant, but spend for this $135.000?!!! How many children are malnourished? But who cares? They don´t care.

  2. Princess Eugenie is so gorgeous , simplicity, beautiful, elegant so as the bride. Her tiara that loan by her grandmother -Queen Elizabeth is also perfection. The loves of a grandma to a granddaughter shows it all as she wore it so beautiful. She is adorable in her wedding dress compliment with the Tiara and the earing. It was the best wedding dress among all the royal weddings of the century. Her pageboy and bridegirls were adorable , sweet and beautiful. Even her doting father Duke of York, Prince Andrew so were the Queen (her grandmother) Prince Philip ( her grandfather)

    1. What absolute racist rubbish! The most important consideration when having a baby is the health of the child, not its appearance! In any case, Meghan Markle looks nothing like Kate Middleton.

  3. Kate’s dress is so beautiful and she looks gorgeous. The best. I am sure most of the brides will want to wear something like that.

  4. There Will never Be Another Wedding or Dress to match Princess Diana,s. She was truly an Aristicrat, her style, & her love for people endeared her to the nation.

  5. “Dutchess” Meghan Markle looks enchanted and beautiful. She enjoys to be looked at and playing her “role” as Dutchess of Sussex.

  6. Megan Markles dress looked like a nun getting married to the church, I did not like markles dress, looked like she was portraying an act she was not, Meghan did not look in her element, Meghan was trying to please people, it was fake, megan was awlful fake
    I absolutely loved PIPPAS wedding dresss and also i loved Eugenias wedding dress,

  7. Meghan’s wedding dress is Styles…elegant… estatic impactable tailoring and relax demenor!!! Like BBC Tina Brown and CBS Gail King comment on her wedding dress its emphasis elegant understatement sophistication they’re right!!! Her wedding dress was sold in 1 day!!! And the vale with 53 flowers its associate a commonwealth who has ever thougt like that no one.. no one ever has on a wedding vale!! That’s why all together makes its so beautiful!! And this lady is sooo beautiful!!!!

  8. Kate’s dress was more beautiful than Meghan’s, because, of the lace etc. However Meghan’s dress was elegant. Meghan looked stunning. As Harry said, and I agree, “She looked amazing” Meghan’s dress was also appropriate, because, she has been married before. She did not require the frills, and the lace etc. that a first time bride would normally have. She obviously loves that style of dress, because she has other dresses in that same design.
    Meghan is an attractive girl. She appears to be a humble person. She is a very good spokesperson. Meghan is an asset, to Harry, and to the British Sovereign.

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