Secrets to a Memorable Staycation and Why You Should Take One

One of my favorite vacations didn’t involve planes or hotels or taxis or brushing up on a foreign language and didn’t break the bank, either. It was a staycation. I’d like to share my best tips with you so that you can get an inside look at how it works. If you have vacation time coming up and you don’t want to spend a lot and you aren’t in the mood to travel to a far-flung destination – this post is for you. No matter your reasons for wanting to vacation in the comfort of your own home, these staycation tips will make it your best ever!


Make it a Real Vacation

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The problem that most people encounter when deciding whether or not to go on a staycation is that they confuse staying home with doing stuff around the house. Because you’re staying at home, you might be tempted to stick to your usual routine of laundry, cleaning, cooking, dishes and taking care of chores around the house. Well, I’ve got good news for you, you most definitely will not be doing any chores. Simply take some of the money you’ll be saving and hire someone to take care of household chores for you so you can truly relax and rejuvenate. Think of it this way: You are turning your home into a vacation rental and you are the guests!

Plan It Out

plan it out

It might feel as though you don’t really need to plan out staying in your own home, but half of the fun of doing it this way is the anticipation of seeing new places and engaging in new activities. For instance, you might plan to visit nearby parks or museums that you simply haven’t gotten around to visiting yet. You will also want to plan your meals ahead of time. Decide which local restaurants have your favorite meals and then find out the best time to order. Another reason to plan ahead is so you have a solid idea of how much you’re likely to spend on your staycation and can allocate an appropriate budget.

Leave Work at the Office

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If you live close to your office, now is the time to pretend that you don’t. Let your company and coworkers know when you’ll be out of the office, and be sure to tie up any loose ends that need to be taken care of before starting your staycation so there’s less chance of you receiving an emergency phone call or email that sends you back to work earlier than expected. This is the time to explore your surroundings and treat yourself to all of those things you’ve wanted to do for yourself but haven’t found the time.

Cook up New and Exciting Recipes

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You don’t have to eat out (or buy takeout) every night to enjoy a staycation. Perhaps you love cooking but never have the time or energy to cook and bake. Now is the time to change that. The money you save on travel can be used to splurge on quality groceries and exotic ingredients that you don’t normally purchase. Try shopping at a farmer’s market or specialty store to ensure you get the best of the best for your planned meals. While you’re there, why not look for an expensive bottle of wine to go with your gourmet meal.

Check Out Local Events

After living in the same town for a few years, you might forget there are local events, activities, and attractions that might interest you. As you’re planning your staycation, see what’s going on around that time in your local community. Maybe there’s a concert to attend, a play to go to or even a laser tag arena to practice your marksmanship skills. Ask friends and family and check out community publications in search of some staycation adventure.  At the end of this article we will offer a list of ideas to ensure you plan all the things you’ve wanted to do in your area but never had the chance.

Go on a Virtual Tour

virtual tour

If you want to stay indoors but feel like exploring the world then consider going on a virtual tour. From the privacy of your own home computer, you can do an astonishing number of tours. Here’s a few to pique your interest:  Smithsonian Natural History Museum, the 7 Wonders of the World, the Louvre in Paris, or take a Google Maps tour of places such as Pompeii, Italy, Stonehenge, or virtually anywhere your heart desires.

Here’s an at-a-glance list of memorable staycation ideas:

-Find a Local Festival

-Drive to a Nearby National Park

-Visit a Local Public Park

-Visit an Amusement Park

-Visit a Planetarium

-Visit the Zoo

-Tour a Local Factory/Winery/Brewery

-Ride a Canoe

-Rent a Scooter

-Go to a Spa

-Go Miniature Golfing

-Go Ice Skating

-Do a Movie-Marathon (Take a Day-Time Nap and Watch Movies All Night)

-Rent a Tandem Bike

-Tour a Local Art Gallery

-Go to a Ball Game

-Go to a Concert/Show

-Visit an Observatory

-Tour a Botanical Garden

-Make a Picnic Next to a Water Fountain

-Go on a Hike

Most importantly, plan it, enjoy it and then let us know how it went.


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