Royal wedding guest list: Who attended Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding?

Foo Fighters

Credit: @WeLoveFooFighters

While at first glance you might not connect Prince Harry to the US rock band the Foo Fighters, in reality, there is a warm connection. The band members and the prince are buddies.

Credit: @WeLoveFooFighters

The Foo Fighters helped close out the Invictus Games in 2014. Not only that, the band’s drummer, Taylor Hawkins, considers Harry to be “one of the boys.” He even told a funny story to the BBC about the prince slapping him in the face before a gig to help wake him up. Taylor said: “I was like ‘Wow, I’m so jetlagged right now’. We were getting ready to walk on stage and I was tired and so jetlagged. And he just goes… [slap]”.

Strange But True: The band took its name from the unidentified objects in the sky reported by pilots in World War II, which were known as foo fighters.

David and Victoria Beckham

Meghan Markle turns to her friend Victoria Beckham for style advice. Meghan who has many official outings with Prince Harry is compiling a working wardrobe. According to a friend of Beckham’s, Meghan and Victoria get along well and are in touch. “Meghan really likes Victoria’s style and was keen to pick her brains about pulling together a working wardrobe. She loves Victoria’s elegant but smart dresses, so expect her to wear one very soon.” The two beauties became friends when Meghan moved to the U.K. last year. Beckham is said to have reached out to Meghan to offer beauty advice and apparently recommended her facialist Sarah Chapman, who Meghan visited just days before the engagement announcement. They looked great at the wedding.

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