Spring Equinox: 6 Tips for Living a Balanced Life


Your Life in the Balance

The spring equinox is here, which we’ll see an equal amount of darkness and sunlight this week. Not only is this an interesting natural phenomenon, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to find order within your personal life. Think of it as nature’s way of reminding you that you should be living life in equal parts. Are you working too hard? Not spending enough time with your family or friends? Not getting to things that matter? Whatever the case is, here are some tips for living a more balanced life this spring.

1. Determine Your Priorities

Balance doesn’t mean you need to try and fit in every type of activity into your life all at once. Take a look at your values and what stage of life you’re at and go from there. Are you building a career, attending school, or starting a family? Perhaps you should hold off on pursuing that promotion if you want to have a child. Maybe planning your wedding isn’t the best idea when you’re simultaneously studying and preparing for your master’s thesis.

If you attempt to do everything at the same time without knowing your goals, you’ll only experience chaos and stress. Don’t over-do it. Take life ‘one stage at a time’ and know when to set certain things on the backburner.

2. Practice Self-Care

It’s hard to achieve anything when you’re unhealthy. Not only should you avoid being a workaholic, but you should also make sure your breaks are nurturing you instead of stifling you. There’s a difference between watching TV all day while eating junk food and setting aside some time for meditation or exercise. While everyone needs to be lazy sometimes, it’s not an effective self-care method.

Make sure you’re taking care of yourself and nurturing your soul with activities such as:

● Taking a relaxing walk.
● Working out.
● Listening to music.
● Taking a bath.
● Reading a book.
● Meditating.
● Doing yoga.

Keeping your body and mind healthy make your life more stable and help you avoid burnout.

3. Roll With the Punches

A crucial aspect of living a balanced life is learning to take things as they come. Instead of getting upset when something out of your control occurs, learn how to accept it and move on. You could drop your phone and crack the screen, your computer may crash, or maybe you’ll get stuck in a traffic jam. Stuff like this happens. Get used to being flexible and bouncing back when life throws you a curveball.

4. Be Efficient

scale back
Staying organized is the key to balance. Instead of just going about your normal routine, make sure you plan ahead and organize your life each week. Make to-do lists on your calendar or planner for any important meetings, exams, or appointments. Carve out time for quality time and recreation to ensure your life doesn’t get too disorganized and busy.

5. Hang Out With Friends

be a better friend
Do you have a strong network of friends? Whether it’s a few friends you watch sports with or a book club you attend, it’s important to have a robust social life. If you don’t have the kind of friends you need, it’s time to build these relationships. Surrounding yourself with likable and trustworthy people will help you be happy and maintain your equilibrium.

6. Keep a Positive Outlook

Start every day with a desire to make the most of it. Instead of dreading the workday, try to start each day with an optimistic perspective. While things may go awry, it will help you in the long run. Try every day to foster a positive attitude about life.

If you concentrate your energy and focus on these 6 tips, you’ll find yourself striking the balance you need. Do you have a suggestion you want to share? Leave a comment or contact our team with your insight!


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