Kate Middleton’s Full Journey – from Becoming Royalty to Rumors of Relationship Struggles

Kate Middleton became an established member of the royal family after marrying Prince William back in 2011. With the whole world’s eyes on them since the start of their relationship, not everything has gone easily for the royal couple, with rumors constantly being spread by around-the-clock media attention. Although the media goes above and beyond creating headlines which could potentially hurt the royal couple, Middleton always manages to retain her composure, even with the never-ending media surveillance. Let’s explore how Kate Middleton made her way up to becoming the Duchess of Cambridge.


Life Before Royalty

Kate Middleton is the oldest in a family of three siblings, with a sister named Pippa and brother named James. The Middleton family’s relationship has changed drastically since Kate married Prince William, largely due to the constant media attention they receive.

This media attention prevents the family from living a normal life, to the point where they are barely able to socialize in public. This has made Kate more wary regarding what her siblings do. For example, rumor has it she didn’t approve of Pippa’s choice for a fiancé, former racing car driver James Matthews. All these changes have combined to alter the dynamic in the Middleton family.