Jonathan’s impeachment process to commence in 2 weeks- Jajere

The national Assembly doesn’t seem to be wavering in their bid to unseat President Goodluck Jonathan. The impeachment move, spearheaded by the opposition All Progressive Congress APC, has gathered enough momentum to take the first step.

According to Senator Alkali Jajere of APC, who is representing Yobe North, 63 Senators have put pen to paper in a bid to make the impeachment a reality.

He thus added that the impeachment process will commence in 2 weeks and the anti Jonathan’s members of house of representatives will soon provide authentic list of those of them who are standing by the impeachment.

Jajere noted that the President has been indicted for gross-misconduct, citing the recent shutdown of the National Assembly as an example. He added that Nigeria could no longer tolerate the reckless handling of affairs by the President.

“Definitely I have signed because there are impeachable offences against the president, complete breach of the constitution,” Mr. Jajere said after Senate sitting Tuesday.

“In 2011, this senate approved 140b as subsidy fund but the same government went to spend 1.7 trillion and that is a clear breach of the constitution, clear breach of the Appropriation Act which is the number one Act,” he said.

“And the business of any government is to protect the lives and properties of its citizens and this government has shown it is incurably deficient in handling security situations in this country, and whoever is heading this government should honourably resign without being impeached.”

Members of the ruling PDP have condemned the move, saying is one those plots of the opposition APC.


2 thoughts on “Jonathan’s impeachment process to commence in 2 weeks- Jajere

  1. This is the first time Nigerians are hearing the
    name ”Jajere”. U’re just there perhaps to
    complete the number. U’ve never sponsoreed a
    motion before the senate. This is just a way of
    making your name known before the end of the
    current administration. Bench warming senator.

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