Hilariously Misleading Online Shopping Experiences: Buyers Beware

Flowers vs Spring Onions


Twitter/Suzanne Bradisht

Suzanne ordered the Sainsbury’s Spring Show bouquet looking forward to getting a gorgeous bouquet. However, Sainsbury reserves the right to substitute items when the need arises. Unfortunately, their flower arrangers weren’t paying much attention when they substituted a bunch of spring onions instead of flowers. When the mistake was brought to their attention they decided to make it up to her with a bit of humor. Their customer service rep said: “Lettuce apologize for our eye-watering mistake. We’re springing into action and have already spoken to the customer who really knows her onions. We feel like a right bunch of daffs.” After Sainsbury’s sent her a replacement bouquet Suzanne posted on Twitter: “Aww. You shouldn’t have @ sainsburys!”

Living Room Chair

Credit: Amazon/Kinfine

This savvy consumer wanted a good deal on an armchair and he didn’t care if it was a bit on the small side. After all, he didn’t need something with super huge armrests. Perhaps he didn’t see the word “boys armchair” but he definitely saw 91 five star reviews and free shipping. So he took the plunge and laid out the $86 bucks. Alas, this description is actually accurate.


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