Hilariously Misleading Online Shopping Experiences: Buyers Beware

Cutting Board


Credit: Instagram/jennbailey6

Jenn spotted the perfect wooden cutting board with a matching knife online. It was a great price and it was billed as a board that can catch crumbs too. This was just what she needed in her kitchen. Her happiness was short-lived, however, when she unpacked it. No word on whether or not she is going to store it in the dollhouse.

Huge Ladle

Credit: Reddit/Calebwerm

Caleb and his family love soup just like the rest of us. But this is ridiculous. The picture on the store’s website showed a regular looking ladle and then this monstrosity arrived. It barely fits in his soup pot! We’d like to respectfully suggest that he invest in some large pots and a variety of soup recipes.


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