Hilariously Misleading Online Shopping Experiences: Buyers Beware



Credit: Twitter/Danny Mellor

Mrs. Mellor wanted to order a strong and durable backpack for her nephew just in time for the new school year. She couldn’t think of a better gift than a Converse All Star backpack to hold all his school stuff. It looked quite appealing in the store’s online catalog. When it arrived her son Danny couldn’t believe his eyes. It was the right size for their cat.

Dog Vest

Credit: Instagram/nathanmccauley11

These pet owners were looking for a simple dog vest, but they didn’t see the fine print. Only when it arrived did they realize their error. Poor pooch, his vest is much too small. Why did they want a vest any way you might ask? Well, it seems that vests can calm anxious dogs. Sometimes loud noises (like thunder) household visitors, and car travel can cause dogs to suffer from anxiety. Vests can help.


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