Hilariously Misleading Online Shopping Experiences: Buyers Beware

Blind Girl Cake


Credit: Twitter/Emily Seggie

Pretty blonde Laura was having her 21st birthday and her mother wanted to order a cake that would be the talk of the party. She ordered the cake via her smartphone and didn’t realize that autocorrect would completely mess up her order. When the cake arrived that’s when the blunder became apparent but it was too late to do anything about. On the top of the cake was a blind brunette figurine with a cane. We hope it didn’t put a damper on Laura’s party too much.

Printing Mixup

Credit: Nicole Davies

Nicole was throwing a surprise Mother’s Day party for her mom. She found the perfect party supplies and even wrote in the instructions NOT to list anywhere on the package what was inside. Nicole didn’t want anyone to spoil the surprise because this was going to be one very special party. Seems that customer service didn’t actually read the instructions. Ouch.


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