Hilariously Misleading Online Shopping Experiences: Buyers Beware

Mini Laptop


Credit: Reddit/BoogeJr
Looking for a new laptop? The best times to buy one are in July and August because prices go down in time for back to school sales and November and December during the holiday buying season. Lenovo has a great reputation. Their Thinkpad line is known for on-the-go use which is perfect for students and commuters as well as good battery life. Just make sure you check the computer size before you make your purchase. And if the price is too good to be true, it usually is.


Credit: paperspecs.com

Watch out for holiday scams. Unfortunately, this father got scammed. It all started when he decided to look on eBay. When he finally found one from a seller with good reviews for only $750 he knew his search was over. He ordered the Xbox One for his son. It was going to be a great gift. To his shock, he got only a piece of paper with a picture of an Xbox One on it! However, it all ended well when he reported it and got a real one in return.


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