Hilariously Misleading Online Shopping Experiences: Buyers Beware

Calm Down Skin Mask


Credit: Twitter/JoLammert

Korean beauty products are all the rage so we don’t blame Jo for wanting to try this Calm Down Skin Mask. The package is so adorable who would assume that wearing one would turn the wearer into a Halloween fright queen. Jo wrote: “This mask is not as adorable as the package promised.” Understatement!


Winnie the BOO

Credit: thechive.com
Using a facial mask to hydrate the skin is an important part in any woman’s beauty routine. Using a Winnie the Pooh face mask makes it all the more fun. However, this Japanese Twitter user @beeeeeerrrrrry got a shock when she applied it and then wanted to see how she looked so she snapped this selfie. Yikes.

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