Hilariously Misleading Online Shopping Experiences: Buyers Beware

Mexican Blanket


Credit: Instagram/nativeinnashville

Mexican blankets are eye-catching, versatile and make great couch covers, yoga blankets, or table covers. The blanket design reflects its enchanting Mexican culture through its vibrant colors and patterns. It is also durable and thick so you will get a lot of use from it over time. Did we mention the importance of checking the size before you buy it online?

Dog Head Not Included

Credit: Twitter/AgyOnMars

Bobblehead dolls are a welcome addition to any car dashboard, desk, or dog collection. They are made from a range of materials but the most durable are the ones made of a high quality, durable polyresin material. When you see the photo above you’ll understand why you need to order from a reputable company.


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