Hilariously Misleading Online Shopping Experiences: Buyers Beware

Panda Pillow


Credit: Reddit/lsmallsl

Want to brighten a child’s day? Buy them a stuffed panda bear. One so large they could crawl on top of or lay next to and feel immersed in a magical world. Your child wants to give the bear a goodbye hug in the morning and see it’s cheerful smile when returning from school in the afternoon. Before you buy one, make sure you don’t promise her a large bear and then give her this little creature instead.


Credit: Reddit/WABSTA3

For most sleep-deprived new parents, a baby swing can be a lifesaver. The rhythmic rocking movement of the swing can soothe a cranky baby and give parents a chance to catch up on various household tasks. Tip number 1: get the right size! This hapless consumer obviously missed a few important description details before making his Amazon purchase.


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