Hilariously Misleading Online Shopping Experiences: Buyers Beware

Wig Woes


Credit: Facebook/Knock Off Nightmares

Who doesn’t dream of changing one’s looks once in a while and shaking things up by going out as a redhead. Just imagine all the heads that will turn when you walk into the room. This little lady was in the mood for a great head of hair without the hard work so she fell for it when she saw it online. Turned out to be one big red hot mess. Not quite what she wanted to wear out at the party.

iPhone Case Disaster

Credit: Twitter/softprince

What could be better than sharing good memories of good friends by making a customized iPhone case that features the two of you together? That’s what this guy thought when he sent in his picture to be made into an iPhone case. We don’t know how much he paid or how long he waited but the final result is a total dud.


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