The Texas Way: Hilarious Texas Signs

Once upon a time Texas was a no man’s land, but today it’s no longer the land of cowboys and outlaws we’re used to imagine when thinking of Texas. It is one of the biggest states in the U.S, and as such, it’s very diverse; there’s a big difference between the large metropolitan cities of Texas and its rural areas. Countless stereotypes are held about Texas, many of which are far from reality, but this article is here to show you that some of these stereotypes are here to stay – we gathered the most hilarious signs you can find only in Texas, that demonstrate these stereotypes in a humorous way.



If there’s one thing Texans like, it’s beer. Can you argue with that? True, not only Texans enjoy a beer or two at the end of a long day, but this kind of sign you will see only in Texas.

El Arroyo has some of the most hilarious signs you can find across the U.S, and it’s worth the trip just to be amazed by these signs and have a good laugh.


This is a warning you don’t see everyday, and another great example of a sign you can find only in Texas.

But joking aside, this is an extremely important warning – you don’t want to find yourself an accomplice to a prison break after innocently picking up a hitchhiker.

Welcome to Texas

These people know how to lure a crowd – what more does one need in life? This sign embodies all the stereotypes about Texas and pretty much confirms them.

But I’m not sure how smart it is to mix these things together; I hope this isn’t what the sign is implying.

Slow down

Hands down, this is one of the most creative slow down signs we’ve ever seen. And it’s pretty convincing, too – if you slow down, it’s a win-win situation.

It also has this Texan intimidating quality – you don’t want to mess with a sign like this one. It’s not too subtle, but it gets the message across.


Now this is a good life motto, and one that I’m sure many people live by. The booze refered to in the sign, though, is probably beer.

Okay, so maybe this is not a Texas-only sign; I can imagine seeing a sign like this in many other places, because who doesn’t love brunch?

The harsh truth

Well, you can’t say they aren’t honest. This kind of sign you’d only see in states as large as Texas, where you can drives for miles and miles and see nothing but desert.

But be ware to drive there with your kid asking “Are we there yet” throughout the entire ride. This sign also embodies a classic Texas stereotype, and since it’s one of the largest states in the U.S, perhaps this sign isn’t wrong.

Tacos on my mind

Raise your hand if you never had the same thought. At least Texans call it like it is. Say what you like about Texans, but they are honest and they have a healthy sense of humor.

Some of these signs make you wonder whether or not they are real, but the only way to find out is go to Texas!

Say it like it is

Texans like tacos and beer, we’ve established that already. But what about burritos? Throw them in as well!

This is a good sign, and perhaps you can find it only in Texas, but there’s no shame in that. Is there anyone here who can argue with this message?

No checks, please

This place accepts almost anything but checks, seems legit. But seriously, though, can you think of any other place where they would accept horses, cattle or timber as payment?

Texas, we try not to make too much fun of you, but this sign is really making it hard for us. *This is all said with humor – we love the Lone Star!

But first, coffee.

We already said that Texans call it like it is – and here’s another perfect example. You got it right once again, El Arroyo.

With all due respect to beer, no one can argue about the importance of coffee. So maybe this sign doesn’t necessarily characterize only Texas.

Short and to the point

I’m all for being concise, but this sign takes it to the next level. Also, a comma wouldn’t hurt here; some people might take it personally.

My second explanation is that cows in Texas are super intelligent, which doesn’t seem to plausible.

Garage sale

All Texas signs are brutally honest, but this one takes first place. I’m not sure this is good advertisement for the sale, though, as it raises too many questions.

This is definitely a sign you can find only in Texas – and it shows you just how different rural life is from the big metropolitan cities.


How else would you put it? That’s a really subtle way to ask something most people would be embarrassed to ask. Luckily in Texas they have no shame!

And who can ignore it when they ask so nicely? People are ought to keep the pool clean simply because the sign is so thoughtful.


Keep your eyes on the road – you don’t want to mess with the Texas police. This sign tells you to watch the road in the nicest way possible.

They’re gently implying you should concentrate on your driving. If these signs prove something, it’s that people in Texas, and at El Arroyo in particular, have a really good sense of humor.

Soup of the day

This is the perfect dish for the hot Texas weather! Anyone that has ever been to Texas knows how hot it gets there (even during the winter), and so a cold beer is the perfect way to end the day.

This sign is a sight for sore eyes – what more does one need after a long day than a good bowl of hot soup? Did I say hot soup? I meant cold beer!


I’ve heard of a guarding dog, but a guarding bull? That’s a first. This is definitely a sign one can find only in Texas – correct me if I’m wrong.

But seriously, this is a good warning – even if I was a marathon runner, I wouldn’t want to risk it, especially if I’m wearing red.


It’s good to see that the healthy food revolution finally reached Texas! Or did it? Somethings never change, as this sign suggests.

The people of Texas know what’s good for them, and they prefer to stick with the good old ale instead of kale. Another thing people say about Texas – they aren’t exactly healthy eaters up there.


There must be a reason why they put this sign in Texas of all places, but it does prove that Texans take their math seriously, as serious as they do drinking and driving.

But the more pressing question is – who are they hiring in all these signs? People to write new signs?

Speed limit

Even Texans admit it – they don’t really care about the speed limit. Another example of the fine self-humor of the south.

But joking aside, I sure hope this isn’t a real road sign! But this sign demonstrates a healthy sense of self-humor, something that Texans are known for.

Welcome to Austin

In case you ever wondered what they do in the south – there you have it. Honestly, sounds pretty good to me. But I’m not sure the cheese and beer go too well with wearing tight pants.

We know that over in Texas they aren’t big fans of eating healthy, but beer and cheese every night sounds hardcore even for them. At least they’re proud of it.

Mean sign

Another stereotype about Texans is that they are terrible drivers. Well, this sign surely doesn’t help anyone keep their calm on the road!

Again, I sure hope this isn’t a real sign. There’s almost nothing people hate more than standing in traffic, and seeing this sign is the last things those hot-headed Texans need at a time like that.

Environmental awareness

Saving the planed is an important cause, no matter what values stand behind it. This is another sign demonstrating the things that really matter in Texas.

But honestly, they make an extremely convincing case – who can argue with that? This sign should be spread throughout the world – perhaps Texans found the way to save our planet.


We had our fun and we had a laugh, but with all joking aside – this is a clever sign! El Arroyo does it again. This is a sign that probably not only Texans would sympathize with.

Texans are known for many things, one of them being meat-eaters – so it makes sense that most vegans you’ll find there are of this kind.

Drive safely

Religion is no laughing matter in Texas. Texans are also known as pretty reckless drivers, to put it nicely – so this sign should do the trick.

What’s funny is that this is the first sign welcoming you to Hondo, Texas – a sign asking you to drive safely. If this sign doesn’t reinforce all those outdated stereotypes, I don’t know what does.

Below the belt

This isn’t something everyone likes to hear – but it sure is a clever way to lure people into a bar! And surely Texans appreciate this humor.

We already established The Lone Star is the place to drink beer and eat tacos, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they excel in margaritas as well.

True that

In other words, this warning is written in blood – ever heard this phrase? This Texas sign has it right, though – every warning has a story behind it. I’m not sure about the awesome, though.

It’s safe to assume, though, that in Texas the back stories behind the warnings is probably a lot cooler (and maybe also a lot more dangerous) than in other places.

Wait, what?

It does seem like living in Austin wearing cowboy boots doesn’t exactly fit with voting democrat, but we’re not here to judge! Anyone should vote whoever and whatever they see fit, regardless of where they live and what they wear.

Only, don’t be surprised if people start questioning you, and maybe lose the cowboy boots regardless of what you’re voting.

Love at first sight

El Arroyo does it again with another accurate sign. We have to visit El Arroyo and meet the person writing all these pearls of wisdom.

Honestly, though, I can imagine seeing a sign like in almost every country in the world; so perhaps it’s not a Texas sign, but it’s funny nonetheless.

Live Laugh Love

Judging by their signs, the people at El Arroyo are happy and friendly, most of the time. But everyone need their space sometimes, and that’s probably why this sign was created.

But these signs also prove that Texans think outside the box, and maybe other states can learn something from them.