Harmattan Is Here Again, The Time When Vaseline Is Your Best Friend

Here comes the Harmattan the time of the year when Vaseline is your best friend, you go with it everywhere you go. We woke up this morning in Lagos to see the Harmattan standing right on our doors. While we were asleep last night, Harmattan came in and encamped on our doors waiting for us to wake up this morning.

People are already complaining about the sudden arrival without warning as always. To me, that is the most exciting period of each year. I always look forward to Harmattan each year just because I stay indoor most of the times. I get to save money from buying fuel because we wouldn’t have to power the AC when there is no light.

Mara (@AmaraIsQueen) look beautiful this morning despite Harmattan
Mara (@AmaraIsQueen) look beautiful this morning despite Harmattan

Experts says you can stay away from the infection that has to do with Harmattan by drinking a lot of water and try to cover yourselves as much as you can if you are going out.

Exercise every in the morning before taking your bath can also help your body stay strong all day and help improve your skin moisture.

Taking plenty fruits and vegetable and using foods supplement whenever you are unable to get fruits and vegetable is also helpful and can make you stay healthy all through this season.

Wear socks and hand gloves where possible and avoid exposing your body and skin unnecessary to the weather.

Wind up your windscreens and windows and minimum the use of air conditions as this can get your skins dried up more faster. And don’t forget to go with moisturizer everywhere you go.

The truth is that we are now experiencing the much awaited Vs wrestling season. Unfortunately our skins are going to be the battle grounds according to a Twitter user. Welcome to Harmattan and hope you will emjoy it. Have fun!


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