Famous Stars Who Are Impossible To Work With!

If these demands/ requests are not fulfilled for any particular reason she reportedly becomes an increasingly impossible person to work with. We have to say that if this is true, it explains why Lopez’s roles began drying up fairly quickly in the industry. Being a snob like that is something no one likes.

Lindsay Lohan

If you had noticed ‘actress’ Lindsay no longer acts. That is due to the fact that she was so difficult to work with when she was hired for a film that after a while it was not worth it and at the end of the day Hollywood is a small town and people talk, so the news spread. Lohan thus gained a reputation for being a pain to work with on the set of the film Georgia Rule alongside Jane Fonda.

Lohan was constantly late to set, which was incredibly infuriating and when she did come she had a hard time remembering her lines and keeping it together. James Deen, her co-star on the film Canyons, called Lohan a “child lashing out.” Ouch.

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