Famous Stars Who Are Impossible To Work With!

Gibson was said to have a serious temper problem and would go on racist and anti-Semitic rants that would make everyone feel downright scared to be around him. It’s a shame such a great actor turned out to be such a disturbed individual in real life.

Vince Vaughn

As a member of Ben Stiller and Will Ferrell’s comedy crew, you would have expected Vince Vaughn to enjoy a long and fulfilling career as a laugh machine. Vaughn, has, however, been coined as a one-dimensional actor who plays the identical character type consistently which has confused Hollywood casting agents on how to find new projects for him.

He has some pretty big hits to be proud of Wedding Crashers, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story and The Break-Up, featuring Jennifer Aniston, but after these two films became a thing of the past, and we could conclude that so did Vaughn.

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